Shoreham College Parents’ Association - Downs Link Challenge 2014 Copyright SCPA 2014 (no article or photograph to be reproduced without permission) The 9th Challenge - Supporting the Chestnut Tree House - 10th May 2014 A Fun - Family event to raise funds for  the only Children’s Hospice in Sussex
DownsLink Challenge 2013 raised over £5,300 for Chestnut tree Hospice


Important - Have Fun The most important aim of the Downslink Challenge is to raise money for Chestnut Tree House but not far behind comes the absolute rule - have fun.  The event started as a social occasion and aims to remain that way. Use the tabs along the top of this page to see more information. That’s not to say a little family rivalry isn’t to be encouraged.  Make use of this safe cycling environment to let them get ahead a bit. Bring a picnic and relax when you get back in the beautiful surroundings of Bramber Castle. Ride, run or walk - remember the rule is to have fun (and help others have fun to).